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A Free Pass

One of the issues I have with Russell Pearce is that he seems to be getting a free pass.  I thought more about this when reading the latest New Times article on the subject here.

Why would Pearce supporters let him slide on this one?  Being a racist is a serious issue for an elected official.  Are Pearce’s supporters racist as well, or do they just love him so much that they turn a blind eye?

Ready and Pearce

Ready and Pearce

(thanks for use of the picture.  I got it from an extensive post on the subject here)

One Response

  1. Check out the link under the pic of “Ready and Pearce”HEREAlthough I do not fully agree with the author (Griggs), I found the comments very telling!You find 2-3 comments by JT himself. He is a racist and a joke of a politician/political supporter. Anyone who would post trash like that in a public forum and call the author’s children “mongrels” is amoral and void of recognition… Here’s an except from JT’s comments:”As for the negro Grigg, he is typical of the angry, under-evolved non-whites on the left. When fired for severe inadequate performance, they are the first to yell, “Racism!” Yet first to crawl into bed with a White woman. Typical. No wonder he sews his dark eyes shut to the tsunami of third world, communistic, violent, and most positively non-white scum pouring across our borders as part of the globalist anti-White agenda. In his mind, there exists just as gregarious a threat of tens of millions of blond-haired Swedish nuns pouring in from Canada. That Grigg thinks that the only anthropological differences in the races is melanonin, is laughable if he were not so educated a man. He must wilfully deny plain science. Under that pervasive blindness, I will sell him a Chihuahua and tell him that it is a Rottweiler. They are both dogs, ergo they are both the same except for the color of their coats. >insert snicker here< And a palm tree for christmas is being shipped in route to the Grigg home for the holidays this year! They are both trees ya know. Hahaha. What a blind racist fool.”He goes on and on spewing racist jargon… Now put yourself in the shoes of person running for a political office… Who would you go to to collect donations from for clean elections funding??? Friends… Family… Key members of the community… AN OPENLY RACIST, BIGOTED “POLITICIAN”? See JT’s actual hand signed donation forms HERE and HERE for Ash and Middlebrook…

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