Middlebrook’s Blogging Strategy Doesn’t Pan Out

It appears that Ron Middlebrook needs some new help.  The advice he seemed to take in his latest state house run was to agree with Russell Pearce in everything he says, and try to have your name associated with Pearce whenever possible.

According to his public record, Middlebrook hired Shane Wikfors, who is CEO of Red Mountain Consulting and Development, a political consulting group, to the tune of $1500, to consult him on his campaign.

Wildfors is also behind a local conservative blog, Sonoran Alliance.  The blog didn’t mention that one of there own was consulting for Middlebrook, but it did have a decent number of pro-Middlebrook references.  But alas, the behind-the-scenes support wasn’t enough to get Middlebrook into office.

Maybe Mesa Issues or Thoughts on Mesa might care to help?