Russell Pearce’s brother supports…Olivia Cortez?

One of my coworkers mentioned that Russell Pearce’s brother, Lester Pearce, came by his house to collect signatures for Olivia Cortez, a candidate running against Russell Pearce in the upcoming recall election.

Why would he do that? Pearce (Lester) explained that the more people that run against Russell Pearce, the more the “anti-Pearce” vote will be split, making a victory more likely for Russell.

This is just one more evidence that the Olivia Cortez candidacy is a sham.

Is it smart politics or dirty politics?

I find it ironic that the same Pearce people who want so much to “respect the rule of law” would put up fake candidates, create a fake twitter account, and tie up the judicial system opposing a recall election that seems very legitimate to everyone except Russell Pearce.